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ONE ITE Sub Task Force – Mountain District

The ONE ITE Sub Task Force has begun preparing a transition plan in preparation for the May 2019 International Board of Direction meeting in New Haven, Connecticut. One of the decisions that the Sub Task Force made was selecting the name of the new district as the “Mountain District.” While the term Rocky Mountain had been utilized in prior communication, the group felt that all the states were mountain states but some of the states were not part of the Rockies. Additionally, it is shorter, more descriptive, and other organizations (like the U.S. Census Bureau) utilize the term “mountain” in referring to the region of these eight states. At the Denver, Colorado work session last month, the Sub Task Force considered the transition plan developed by the Western District Task Force, which was discussed by the Western District Board at its Mid‐Year meeting in Oakland, California in January. The ONE ITE Sub Task Force was in agreement with the general framework of the transition plan as outlined by the Western District for the sharing of financial resources (reserves and endowment funds) and the general timing for the transfer of funds. Both the Western and Mountain Districts will be sharing their transition plans with members this month. More information will be highlighted in Spotlite as the transition plan progresses. Please feel free to share ideas, thoughts, and comments with the Sub Task Force Chair Randy McCourt at

If you would like more information on the ONE ITE Initiative, please go to‐documents/oneite/ or email us at

Daniel J. Beaty, AICP (F)
ONE ITE Task Force Chair
ITE District 10 International Director

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