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One ITE – Task Force Update

November 21, 2018

The theme of the ONE ITE column this week is transition. With Florida, Midwestern and Great Lakes, and the Western District all actively in their transitions and the roll out of the new draft District Charter and Bylaws, we have much to share.

The Northeastern District will be the first to test the new District Charter and Bylaws with Mike Salatti leading that effort on the IBOD. Midwestern and Great Lakes Districts are continuing their transition plan and Florida has named its transition team and is having a kick-off meeting in the next few weeks. The big news comes from the Western District.

At its October meeting, the International Board established a sub-task force of the ONE ITE Task Force to engage local leaders from the Rocky Mountain states to address ideas, issues, and concerns associated with the formation of a new district. The sub-task force was assigned to Vice President Elect Randy McCourt. Randy and the sub-task force will report to the ONE ITE Task Force by its next meeting in January and finalize findings before the board during its meeting in May. The sub-task force consists of elected section and chapter officers and ITE leaders that have expressed a desire to create a new district in the Rocky Mountain states (nearly two dozen people). Randy will be maintaining close communication with Western District and Section leadership as this effort proceeds. It will seek to chart the path for creating a new district while considering the questions raised by members and from the Western ITE Task Force report completed in October. A summit will be held in February and findings will be shared with leaders and members as this topic advances to the Board prior to its May 2019 meeting. As we are all volunteers seeking to enhance the transportation community, we would ask for patience, support, and wisdom from all of you as we conduct our effort. We have read (and re-read) all the prior comments and reports provided on this topic in preparation to guide this effort and would ask that if members have specific questions they feel have not been expressed to please share them directly with Randy and he will assure that the sub-task force considers them thoroughly. You can contact Randy directly at

If you find yourself with questions about any of the ONE ITE initiative, please visit the ONE ITE webpage and become more familiar about the how and why of ONE ITE. If you still have concerns, let’s chat.

Daniel J. Beaty, AICP (F)
ONE ITE Task Force Chair
ITE District 10 International Director

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