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New Federal MUTCD – Draft Expected Spring 2019

FHWA issued a press release on Friday October 5th to say there is a new Federal MUTCD in the works.  They expect to issue a draft for public review and comment next spring.

The press release highlights about the updated MUTCD include:
* Preparing for automated vehicles
* Allow more flexibility and innovation to improve travel for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists
* Formally adopting successful devices that until now were only temporary FHWA Interim Approvals (e.g., variable speed limits, dynamic lane control and shoulder use, and last but not least, RRFBs)

The press release can be found here:

The MUTCD update was announced as part of USDOT’s release of new federal guidance for automated vehicles: Preparing for the Future of Transportation: Automated Vehicles 3.0

As part of the process of updating the Manual, FHWA will seek input from the public nationwide, including state and local traffic engineers, traffic control device technicians and other stakeholders.

The FHWA has administered the MUTCD since 1971 and has published six editions.  The MUTCD was first published in 1935 to establish uniform and easily recognizable traffic control features on the highways as car travel increased.  While technologies and travel trends have evolved since 1935, the need for uniformity—for the safe and efficient movement of road users—still remains today.

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