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Arizona Section: OneITE Survey Results and Position Statement

Western District President and Members of the Western District OneITE Task Force,

As part of our outreach activities, the Executive Board of the Arizona Section distributed a survey to our membership to obtain anonymous feedback on various aspects of the OneITE Initiative.  We received 76 responses to the survey over the course of nearly three weeks and the full results of the survey, along with respondent comments, are available for viewing here: Arizona Section One ITE Survey Results.  We also held various discussions with our membership individually and at Section meetings, including a discussion led by President Dorman at our September Annual Business Meeting.

Section representation on the District board has received a generally favorable response, with the majority of respondents indicating there are no existing representation issues that needed to be addressed.  Some respondents indicated they get most of their value from ITE at the Section level and therefore are not impacted by decisions made at the District level.  Nearly 60% indicated they have no interest in leadership opportunities at the District level, and an additional 30% indicated they are interested but didn’t pursue them because they are still early in their career, cannot afford the associated costs or have competing commitments.

While less than 16% of survey respondents were in favor of dividing the Western District, 30% stated they were against the division, with the majority having no opinion on the topic.  When deciding where the Arizona Section fit best, geographical distance and shared professional interests were listed as the biggest concerns. Some felt that there are other issues within ITE that would not be resolved by breaking up the Western District and that breaking it up would have a negative impact, especially upon our Student Chapters.  While 23% of respondents would prefer that the Arizona Section become part of the proposed Rocky Mountain District, more (30%) had no preference and an even larger percentage (40%) wished to remain in the same district as the California Sections.  A small percentage wanted different District boundaries entirely, with a Southwest District being the most popular suggestion.

Regarding the proposed Section and Chapter definitions, over 97% agreed with them or were neutral, with the majority of comments in favor of the existing Arizona Section and Southern Arizona Chapter relationship, possibly expanded to include a future Northern Arizona Chapter.

Approximately 10% of our membership are affiliate members and nearly 20% of survey respondents disagreed with the proposed transition of affiliate members, with the rest evenly divided between being in favor and having no opinion.  Comments noted that simply changing the name won’t have much of an impact and that the reason behind the change needs to be considered further.  Of the 12 responses by affiliate members, only a third indicated they would likely become a member as a result of the proposed change, with cost being the major reason.

Our membership repeatedly expressed the sentiment, within the survey and during discussion sessions, that there seemed to be a push to break up the Western District without sufficient member input and without the OneITE Task Force making a sufficiently compelling case to justify taking this action.  Other proposed actions, such as Section representation on the District board, the elevation of larger Chapters to Sections and updated charters and bylaws, could achieve many of the goals of the OneITE initiative without breaking up the Western District.  For these reasons, the Arizona Section wishes to remain within the existing boundaries of the Western District.


David Lucas, President

Arizona ITE |

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