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ONE ITE Message from the ITE Board of Directors

This is an important ONE ITE message from the ITE Board of Directors.

Dear ITE Members,

The ONE ITE initiative is taking the first comprehensive look at the structure and operation of the Districts, Sections, and Chapters in more than 30 years. Over time, ITE has evolved into a loose federation of semi-autonomous entities operating with inconsistent size, boundaries, dues, governance structures, leadership opportunities, member representation, and member involvement. This has impacted the ITE “brand” and what it means to be an ITE member. Until 2016, membership growth and participation were declining, younger professionals were seeking out other associations, financial resources were dwindling, and the reputation of our organization was diminished within the profession.

Over the last three years ITE has turned a corner with membership exceeding 15,000 for the first time in a decade, annual meeting attendance doubling from 2015, finances rebounding, young leaders rising through the organization, and increasing recognition and relevance in our industry through the establishment of major new initiatives in key technical areas. To ensure the long-term sustainability of ITE, the Board of Direction has recognized the need to examine and update all aspects of the ITE experience. This type of strategic effort is necessarily being led by the ITE Board of Direction (IBOD) with support from the ITE CEO and staff and engagement of local leaders and members.

The IBOD has moved forward a comprehensive set of actions that are not directed at any one District, Section, or Chapter (D-S-C), but rather seek to make improvements across ITE. The IBOD has:

  • Adopted new definitions for Districts, Sections, and Chapters.
  • Adopted a new Canadian and International dues structure to create a more consistent overall dues framework.
  • Initiated efforts to update all D-S-C charters and bylaws to be in compliance with the current Constitution and adopted D-S-C definitions. Draft District charters and model bylaws have been shared with District leadership for comment.
  • Developed a proposal for an Affiliate Membership transition plan.
  • Initiated discussion with Florida District on reorganization of Sections and Chapters.
  • Worked with Midwestern and Great Lakes Districts and MOVITE Section on the development of an MOU to support creation of a MOVITE District and “new” Great Lakes District.
  • Identified the opportunity to create one or more new Districts in the West.

The ONE ITE effort has been underpinned by a deliberative process carried out by the IBOD representing all ITE Districts and has involved communication and engagement with ITE members and local leaders.

The roots of the effort started with the appointment of a Strategic Initiatives Task Force in 2016, led by ITE Past President Steve Gayle and LeadershipITE graduate Dale Bracewell. This task force, including a cross-section of members, identified a number of ways that ITE could improve opportunities for meaningful leadership experiences, industry partnerships, technical expertise, and career development.

A follow-up committee led by Steve Gayle developed a new ITE Strategic Plan 2018–2020 that was approved by the IBOD, widely distributed to members in late 2017, and is available on the ITE website. A key goal identified in this plan was to create a more consistent member experience.

In January of this year, ITE President Michael Sanderson established a ONE ITE Task Force led by Dan Beaty, Florida International Director, to identify opportunities to deliver a more consistent member experience, provide more effective member support, and ensure the long-term viability of ITE.

While the task force was working to address specific issues, Michael communicated the intent of the ONE ITE effort through his column in ITE Journal and at presentations and Town Hall sessions at every ITE District meeting.

In May, the ONE ITE Task Force presented initial recommendations to the IBOD and the board took several actions to move this initiative forward. Two webinar sessions were held with more than 100 ITE leaders at the District, Section, and Chapter level in July to keep them apprised of the direction of the ONE ITE effort.

In early August, Michael sent a letter to all ITE members outlining the direction and content of the ONE ITE effort and provided a link to the recording of one of the ONE ITE webinars providing significant detail. He followed with a ONE ITE communication to all District, Section, and Chapter leadership providing updates after the August IBOD meeting.

In mid-August, in conjunction with the ITE Annual Meeting, a new ONE ITE webpage was created as part of the ITE website redesign. This page provides a one-stop shop for information for members including links to key documents and a mailbox— where members can provide feedback to the ONE ITE Task Force.

The IBOD has been providing the strategic leadership necessary to position ITE for continued success and future growth. This includes proposals for realignment in three of our Districts. Significant work must now be done in collaboration with local leadership and membership in each of these Districts.

  • At the ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit leaders from the Midwestern and Great Lakes District and MOVITE Section signed an MOU to create a Missouri Valley District and a “new” Great Lakes District. Past President Shawn Leight and International Directors John Davis and Scott Knebel are working with local leadership to develop a transition plan.
  • The Florida District has agreed in principle to a new structure that will create a new District Board structure, establish several new Sections and realign the remaining Chapters. Dan Beaty is working with the Florida District leadership to develop a transition plan.
  • In the West, the IBOD has set out the vision for one or more new Districts. We have charged the ONE ITE Task Force to work in partnership with the Western District’s ONE ITE Task Force and Section and Chapter leaders in the West to bring back to the IBOD options for moving forward.

Change is hard. Change of this magnitude is necessarily disruptive of the status quo. No organization, no matter how successful in the past, can succeed in the future by doing things the same way they have been done for 30 years.

Change is also exciting and invigorating. It opens up new opportunities and new possibilities. It allows a new generation of leaders to put their mark on the organization and to create a sense of ownership. It prepares an organization to take on new challenges and remain relevant for the long term. This is what ONE ITE is about.

Going forward we can assure you that the ONE ITE Task Force and the Board will continue to listen to input, engage with local ITE leadership, and communicate with all ITE members. We encourage you to visit the ITE webpage for more information and to provide comments through the ONE ITE mailbox.


ITE International Board of Direction

International President – Michael P. Sanderson, P.E., PTOE, LEED AP (F)

International Vice President – Bruce Belmore, P.Eng., PTOE, AVS (F)

Immediate Past International President – Shawn J. Leight, P.E., PTOE, PTP (F)

Western District – Karen E. Aspelin, P.E., PTOE (F)

Florida District – Daniel J. Beaty, AICP (M)

Canadian District – Eugene (Gene) G. Chartier, P.Eng. (F)

Midwestern District – John A. Davis, P.E., PTOE, TSOS (F)

Great Lakes District – Scott Knebel, P.E. (M)

International District – Donald (Don) J. McKenzie, P.E. (M)

Texas District – Dale Picha, P.E., PTOE (M)

Mid-Colonial District – Abraham (Abi) Lerner, P.E. (M)

Western District – Carlos Ortiz, P.E.,T.E., PTOE (M)

Northeastern District – Michael J. Salatti, P.E., PTOE (F)

Southern District – Kirsten Tynch, P.E., PTOE, LEED AP BD+C, ENV SP (F)

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