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Survey: ITE Policy Update

Survey: ITE Policy Update

ITE policies are published statements that set forth a formal ITE position. In general, these positions are concerned with:

a) The proper conduct of the profession of transportation and traffic engineering by its members; and

b)  Any significant transportation or transportation or transportation-related issue.

These policies are intended to be used by ITE members individually in the course of their work, by ITE Districts, Sections and Chapters in representing ITE interests at the local level and by ITE International elected leadership and staff in representing and advocating for ITE interests at the national and international level.

ITE is in the process of conducting a comprehensive review of its existing ITE policies.  This is the first review of its kind since 2012. This effort is being led by the ITE Policy Committee consisting of five ITE International Board Members and chaired by John Davis.

As part of this effort the Policy Committee is examining each of the existing ITE policies to determine if they should be kept as is, modified or retired. The Policy Committee will also consider the need for new policies.

The Policy Committee is seeking input from membership with regard to member awareness and usage of the existing ITE Policies. The Policy Committee would like to get member input with respect to the following questions. Please click here to be directed to the ITE Policy Update Survey.

Responses are requested by Friday, June 22nd. Thank you.

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