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AZITE » Training » UPDATED LOCATION & TIME: ITE Webinar – Vision Zero for All Users: Lessons Learned and New Strategies at MCDOT

UPDATED LOCATION & TIME: ITE Webinar – Vision Zero for All Users: Lessons Learned and New Strategies at MCDOT

This webinar will be held on Thursday, November 30, 2017 from 1 pm to 2:30 pm at MAG’s Saguaro Room on the 2nd Floor. The focus is on Vision Zero for vulnerable transportation users, such as pedestrians, as they operate in an environment with other modes of travel. A confluence of factors have recently led to rising fatalities and serious injuries for these users; this webinar will explore those developments, and underscore the importance of remaining committed to a Vision Zero strategy. Attendees will learn about the value of adapting a “safe systems” approach to their safety planning and programming efforts, along with some of the tradeoffs to different modes of travel that may result. Finally, several examples of successful projects will be presented, to demonstrate the real-world use of Vision Zero principles and dispel some of the myths surrounding their use.

Learning Objectives:
Learn about the magnitude and historical context for recent increases in pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries;

  1. Learn how certain urban/suburban environments are contributing to a disproportionate increase in pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities;
  2. Be able to communicate how the safe systems approach is altering the traditional safety paradigm across different modes of travel;
  3. Identify successful Vision Zero techniques and tools for multimodal safety, and understand some of the tradeoffs inherent in their use;
  4. Understand the reality of implementing Vision Zero in a real-world environment, and be able to dispel some of the “myths” around design limitations and operational standards.

Speakers: Bill Schultheiss, Richard Retting and Moderator: Robert Wunderlich

PDF of Presentations: Webinar Contributors typically provide a PDF of their presentations; but this may vary on a case by case basis. If they are provided, ITE will upload the presentations into the resources tab of this event within 24 hours of the event.

Bring your own brown bag lunch – lunch will not be provided or available at the venue.

Please register here by Wednesday Nov 22, 2017

We hope to see you there!

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