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November Luncheon & Signal Timing Manual Review Chapters 7-8

AZITE November Luncheon

On Thursday, November 16th, from 12 pm to 1 pm, Darlene Danehy, P.E., TE, PTOE (Traffic Engineer at Psomas) and Alejandro Angel, PhD, P.E., PTOE (VP & AZ Regional Manager for Psomas) will be co-presenting on the changes in trip generation and provide an overview of the newly released ITE’s Trip Generation, 10th Edition.

Trip generation is critical for determining infrastructure needs, such as the need for new or widened roadways, turn lanes, access points, and/or traffic signals.  However, in recent years, online services (shopping, banking), telecommuting, land use changes and driving patterns have significantly affected trip generation rates.   This presentation will present case studies in Arizona that show residential trip generation rates that are more than 40% lower than published rates.

Because transportation infrastructure is directly influenced by trip generation rates, using inflated rates can result in oversized roadways and unnecessary traffic signals.

To address the underlying issues, ITE published the 10th edition of Trip Generation in October 2017.  Darlene was one of the volunteers in the Trip Generation update Committee; she will describe the features included in the new manual such as the availability of person-trip in addition to vehicle-trip data, the new electronic data collection system and the web-based tool for filtering data by date, region, urban context, and much more.

Please visit our Event Calendar for more information and to register by Monday, November 13th.

We hope you can attend this great opportunity to expand your knowledge on Trip Generation!

Signal Timing Manual Review Chapter 5-6

The AZTech Operations Committee, with the support of the Maricopa County Department of Transportation, the Arizona Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Intelligent Transportation Society of Arizona, is conducting a series of workshops with the purpose of reviewing the Signal Timing Manual, 2nd Ed. On Wednesday, November 15th from 9 am to 11 am, MCDOT is hosting a workshop to review Chapters 7 – 8. While this is a free event, registration is required as seating is limited. You can either register here, or you can go to our Event Calendar for more information and to register.

Please note: All registrants are expected to have reviewed the relevant chapters of the Signal Timing Manual before the review session.

Download a copy of the Signal Timing Manual, 2nd Ed.



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