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ITE Mentoring Committee Survey

We are inviting all our members to please participate in this survey to gauge the interest and needs for mentoring within our membership.

ITE Mentoring Survey

This survey is being used by the ITE Mentoring Committee to help with the development of ITE Mentoring programs, both local and international.
Our goals for a local program are to provide local Districts / Sections / Chapters the tools they need to create and maintain an annual mentoring program. This would include a how-to guide for either a one-on-one mentoring program or a group mentoring program, sample applications, evaluation forms, and mentor/protégé skills training.
Our goals for an international program is to develop a “” style page on the ITE website where protégés can fill out their mentoring needs and then get matched with mentors across the nation who can help them with their needs.

The information gathered herein will help us ensure we are meeting the needs of our membership, as well as give you opportunities to get involved, if you so wish.

We greatly appreciate your participation!


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